Muslim woman terror

The Israeli Arab girls were driven by their Muslim religious convictions and incitement, and not despair, to stab and kill Israelis.  

The two Arab girls with Israeli citizenship who stabbed and wounded an Israeli security guard in Ramla last week were indicted on Thursday for attempted murder, conspiracy to commit a crime and the illegal possession of arms.

The girls, aged 14, stabbed and wounded an Israeli security guard at the entrance to a shopping mall last Thursday.

The indictment reveals that the girls were motivated by their Muslim religion and their desire to become Shahidot, Muslim martyrs killed while waging Jihad, Muslim holy war.

The indictment recounts how the two girls discussed their desire to become a part of the wave of Palestinian terrorist attacks which have been plaguing Israel about a month before they carried out their attack.

They made their final decision a day before their attack and a day after three Palestinian terrorists shot and stabbed two Border Policewomen at the entrance to Jerusalem’s Old City, murdering Hadar Cohen, 19, and wounding the other in an attack which apparently served as a source of inspiration for the girls.

On the day of the attack, both decided to skip school, and taking knives they obtained from their kitchens, went to the mall searching for Israeli security personnel.

They approached the mall three times and walked away because they could not find any IDF soldiers to attack, but then settled for the security guard at the entrance to the mall and attacked him.

While attacking the guard and attempting to stab him to death they shouted “Allahu Akbar” [“God is great” in Arabic], a phrase often shouted by Muslim terrorists while carrying out attacks, and “death to you.”

The would-be-murderers were finally subdued by by-passers and additional security personnel.

The recent Palestinian wave of violence is marked by an increased female role, with several teenager females driven to mostly suicidal attacks by incessant incitement by the Palestinian leadership.

UN chief Ban Ki-moon has recently claimed that these attacks are driven by Palestinian desperation over the so-called Israeli occupation. But teens who commit such attacks at this age are not despaired, rather, they are brainwashed by the Palestinian media and educational system, which promotes a culture of death and destruction that is driving an entire generation of Palestinians towards self-destruction.

This incident was one in a long series of almost daily terror attacks, which have plagued Israelis over the course of the past five months, claiming the lives of 30 victims and wounding over 300.

By: Max Gelber, United with Israel