Although the “Great March of Return” was billed as a peaceful protest, it was anything but! These are the facts you should know.

Members of the Hamas terrorist organization, which rules the Gaza Strip with an iron fist, along with other Palestinians who were among the 30,000 protesters swarming the border fence with Israel, were anything but peaceful.

They threw rocks and Molotov cocktails at IDF troops, rolled flaming tires toward the border, brandished knives and fired weapons across the security fence.

Thus far, the clashes have resulted in the deaths of 17 Palestinians. Eleven of those killed had direct ties to Hamas. The others were either engaged in violent or suspicious activities or seen attempting to breach the border fence.

Hamas has a strong record of using Palestinian civilians as “human shields,” sacrificing them for the sake of a PR victory against Israel.

Watch this video for more details. These are the facts you should know.

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