A team of Israeli researchers introduces, for the first time ever, a hybrid of European and ancient Israeli grapes.

Dr. Elyashiv Drori and a team of researchers at Ariel University in Samaria are working to bring back the grapes, as well as the wine, that our ancestors drank thousands of years ago in biblical times.

As Drori explains, their work will surely enhance the Israeli winemaking industry.

Watch as he checks out a 2,500-year-old grape seed under a microscope!

Salvaging Ancient Grape seeds in Israel

WATCH: Salvaging Ancient Grape seeds and bringing back to life the wines that our ancestors drank 1000’s of years ago is the goal of Ariel University’s Dr. Eliyashiv Drori.

Check out how cool to see 2500-year-old grape seed under a microscope too!!
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