In this powerful video, you can see how Hamas uses human shields while attacking Israel – a double war crime – so they can gain world sympathy. 

Hamas is currently preparing for a new conflict with Israel. The terror organization has made it abundantly clear that they do not want peace. They glorify death, while Israel values life. This is the core of who they are. In this video, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu explains the nature of Hamas. You will see how Hamas uses human shields to further their murderous cause. You will hear directly from Hamas how they view human shields to be an effective tactic against what they call the “occupation”.

There are many people who deny that Hamas uses human shields. There are many who accuse Israel of murdering children. The fact is, it is actually Hamas that intentionally causes many casualties. And it is the IDF that values the lives of Palestinian children, acting with great caution when it knows that Hamas is using children as human shields. We urge you to please SHARE this video.