Meet Nitzan, a sergeant and military animal trainer in the Israel Defense Forces who has Downs Syndrome.

Nitzan was born with Downs Syndrome. Growing up he watched as older siblings, friends, and relatives all went on to serve their country in the IDF.

When it came time for Nitzan, the IDF had a place for him, and other Israelis just like him, to proudly serve alongside friends, relatives and countrymen.

Watch Sergeant Nitzan talk about his place in the IDF.

Meet Nitzan, a dog trainer in Israel's Air Force

Meet Nitzan, a dog trainer in Israel's Air Force. His amazing story will bring a smile to your face.Soldiers like Nitzan with special needs have the honor to serve their country just like their peers. This is the real Israel, and we are proud to support her. Join us at

Posted by The Israel Project on Wednesday, September 26, 2018