Contrary to the lies promoted by anti-Israel propagandists and BDS bullies, the Palestinians suffer due to their own leadership’s abject corruption and ruthlessness.

Imagine a regime that spends hundreds of millions of dollars a year paying salaries to imprisoned murderers and the families of those killed committing acts of terrorism.

Now, imagine a “freedom fighter” who embezzles tens of billions of dollars from international donors, living in the lap of luxury while promoting the lie that his people are being deprived of basic rights and needs by Israel. If that’s not enough, think about a president with a net worth of $100 million who is serving in the thirteenth year of a four-year term.

Those aren’t made up facts. That regime is the Palestinian Authority, that “freedom fighter” is Palestinian national hero Yasser Arafat, and that president is the PA’s Mahmoud Abbas. Clearly, the Palestinians remain their own worst enemies.