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Palestinians burn pictures of Trump.

Anti-Israel groups are planning “Day of Rage” protests in the U.S. and Canada, a term Palestinians use for dates designated for violence, terror, and mayhem.

By Yakir Benzion, United With Israel

Anti-Israel groups will hold “Day of Rage” events in major American cities on July 1 to protest “the policies of the Zionist state and of the Trump administration,” using the same term Palestinian terror factions use to whip the masses into a violent frenzies directed at Israelis.

The Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network is one of the organizers of the July 1 Day of Rage and is not just calling for the release of convicted terrorists from Israeli jails, but is demanding an end to the Jewish state.

“Join the international uproar on the Day Of Rage against Israeli supremacy and genocide, and for a liberated Palestine from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, with full rights and return of all Palestinians,” the organization said in a Facebook post.

The expression “from the river to the sea” is also used by the Hamas terror group and others to mean that Israel must be destroyed and replaced by a Palestinian state. Hamas wants that to be an Islamic state.

Meanwhile, law-abiding Palestinians often try to ignore the Day of Rage protests in Gaza, leaving Hamas to pay or force Palestinians to show up at demonstrations. Those who do show up are often members of terror groups and the allegedly “peaceful protests” quickly degenerate into riots with Palestinians hurling projectiles, firebombs and improvised explosives at Israeli security forces.

Will the Day of Ragers in America follow suit, given the of violence and unrest that have been unleashed in the U.S. exploiting George Floyd’s tragic death to sew chaos? It remains to be seen.

Neither Hamas nor Samidoun openly state what they would do to Israelis 8.2 million residents if given the opportunity.

According to the Samidoun’s different chapters, demonstrations will take place in American cities such as New York, Chicago, San Diego, Brooklyn, Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco, and in international venues including Canada, England and Spain.

Samidoun is joined by other groups including Students for Justice in Palestine,  Al-Awda and American Muslims for Palestine, all of whom support the BDS movement, which seeks Israel’s destruction and does not endorse peace.

“We demand the defunding and dismantling of U.S. police alongside the defunding and dismantling of Zionist colonialism and racist Israeli apartheid,” the Al-Awda organization posted on its website.