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Global survey conducted by Israeli company providing marketplace for freelancers shows that latest generation to enter the workforce prioritizes flexibility, doesn’t believe a college degree is needed to start a successful career.

By Naama Barak, Israel21c

In the immortal words of Dolly Parton, “Working 9 to 5, What a way to make a living.” Or not, if you ask Gen Z. Which is exactly what Israeli company Fiverr did.

The freelance services online marketplace conducted a survey of 7,121 people aged 16 to 26 from Britain, France, Germany, The Netherlands and the United States in February 2023, and came back with a set of conclusions that might worry their parents.

For example, 40 percent of the Gen Zers surveyed do not believe that earning a university degree is required to start a successful career.

Seventy percent of responders consider freelancing a viable career option alongside a traditional 9-to-5 job, while 71% of respondents said flexible working hours or the ability to be self-driven were top priorities when looking for a new job.

Meanwhile, a quarter of Gen Zers reported that they are willing to work hard to increase their annual salary, with only 3 in 10 (30%) prioritizing a competitive salary when looking for a job.

In the United States, 73% see freelancing as a smart option in an uncertain economy. Globally, almost half of the respondents (41%) said that they see freelancing as a good way to make additional income amid inflation, and 30% noted that they see freelancing as a good backup option should they be laid off from their jobs.

“As the latest generation to enter the workforce, Gen Z is at the forefront of the latest trends transforming the world of work,” says Fiverr CMO Gali Arnon.

“Amid an economic downturn and a rapidly shifting labor market, we’re seeing Gen Z continue to prioritize flexibility and passion-driven work, making freelance careers an increasingly appealing option.”

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