A beautiful video by Amir Aloni featuring an aerial view of the Dead Sea and the sinkholes that have been opening up around it. The Dead Sea is a salt lake that sits 400 meters below sea level, making it the lowest point on Earth. It is famous for its extreme salinity which makes it impossible for plants and fish to survive - hence the name "Dead" Sea.

In this breathtaking video, filmmaker Amir Aloni takes us on a journey exploring the famous Qumran Caves, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found.

This video proves that even the Judean desert in Israel defies all odds, sprouting with lush green life after a generous amount of blessed rain.

Located in the northern Negev, near the Gaza Strip, is the Shokeda forest. As winter ends, the forest begins to blossom with renewed life and breathtaking beauty.

Israeli biotech Redhill has announced that the Phase 3 trial of its BEKINDA treatment for acute gastroenteritis and gastritis has met its targets for efficacy and safety; Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was flown by an ultra-Orthodox female pilot to Thessaloniki, Greece; In the 1960s, famous Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali, produced Zionist-themed paintings, and much more. ISRAEL’S... Read more »

MedyMatch has just signed separate 5-year agreements to integrate the groundbreaking technology with IBM and Samsung equipment;  the IDF gives important analysis jobs to young people with autism; Israel’s foreign exchange reserves at the end of March 2017 were just over $103 billion – an increase of $1271 million from their level at the end of February,... Read more »