Anti-Israel march i

A bill, which is receiving bipartisan support in the House, will combat the anti-Israel BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) movement and attempts to pressure the Jewish State through sanctions.

UN Human Rights Council Opens in Geneva

The UN Human Rights Council is a farce, a United Nations body that includes human rights abusers as members and which ignores true atrocities and instead focuses on the sole democracy in the Middle East - Israel.

Saudi Arabia UNHRC

US officials have announced they will seek membership in the UN Human Rights Council, an anti-Israel body whose members include human rights violators who maintain an unfair obsession with Israel and consistently pass biased resolutions against the Jewish state.

Anti-Israel protest in Venezuela

Israel’s ambassador criticized the election of Venezuela, a dictatorship and ally of Iran, to the UN Human Rights Council. The UNHRC unfairly condemns Israel in nearly 40% of its country-specific resolutions.