PM Netanyahu recently visited King Abdullah of Jordan. A photo from the meeting shows swords pointed at the Israeli leader’s head. Interior decorating or intentional, subliminal message?

Prime Minister Netanyahu met with Jordan’s King Abdullah and US Secretary of State Kerry to discuss the Jewish presence on the Temple Mount and growing unrest in the area.

Issues regarding the Temple Mount have been of high importance as of late. After a Hamas assassin attempted to murder Rabbi Yehuda Glick, a fighter for Jewish civil rights on the Temple Mount, Muslim Arabs, incited by the Palestinian Authority, turned to violent means to bar Jews from praying at the holy site. Meanwhile, leaders in Iran, Jordan and other Islamic nations have used the tensions on the Temple Mount to launch new accusations at Israel, while inciting further unrest. Netanyahu’s trip to Jordan sought to renew and strengthen diplomatic ties.

The photographer took this picture at an angle that positioned Netanyahu’s head at the edge of the ceremonial swords on the wall. Internet speculation has even risen to the point of saying Netanyahu looks contrite before the blades, allegedly signifying the leader’s true feelings about the current situation in Israel.

Of course, this might just be a photograph meaning nothing at all. Whether the photographer realized the controversial tableau or not, one thing remains clear: people are certainly talking about it. Many wonder whether a media firestorm would have raged had the situation been reversed. Would there be calls for jihad if King Abdullah had been photographed in Israel with his head at the end of a decorative weapon?

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It’s abundantly clear that if, instead of Netanyahu in that picture, it would be Kerry or King Abdullah himself, especially if an Israeli had taken the picture, it could lead to war or, at the very least, riots. When an Israeli, even the prime minister himself, is insulted, even unintentionally, there is no condemnation. Not even an acknowledgement. That’s where we come in, and by we, we mean United with Israel and YOU. To combat the media bias, we must present the truth ourselves. We must turn the focus on the media. That is done through posting relevant content, sharing and supporting us. Please click here to support United with Israel so we can continue the fight and combat the media bias directly.

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