Ireland’s UCC, a five-star university, is slated to host an extremely biased anti-Israel conference. We must demand a balanced debate and academic fairness!

Ireland’s prestigious University College Cork is set to host an extremely anti-Israel conference, titled: “The International Law and the State of Israel: Legitimacy, Responsibility and Exceptionalism” at the end of March.

The conference was originally planned for the University of Southampton and was cancelled. The organizers claimed the cancellation was an attack on free speech.

Of the 47 visiting professors scheduled to attend the UCC’s conference, only two are considered pro-Israel. It is clear this conference has been deliberately set up to ensure pro-Israel voices are in a tiny minority, Irish4Israel, a pro-Israel activist group, says.

We must protest this blatant anti-Israel activity!  

Please send a polite email to Dr. Michael Murphy, president of University College Cork, calling on him to ensure the conference will be more even-handed, with an acceptable number of pro-Israel speakers, thus ensuring a balanced and a fair debate.

Calling on the conference to be cancelled would allow the conference organizers to play the victim card, Irish4Israel maintains, explaining that any campaign to have the event cancelled would end up in the media and give the event more attention. Calling for balance, they say, would be more effective.

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Demand fairness and balance at the UCC debate!

Write a polite request!

Click here to contact or write a message to the president of UCC, Dr. Michael Murphy.

Please fill out the form below and let us know what you’ve done about this issue!

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