Since the October 7th Hamas attack, incidents of antisemitism have surged, further highlighting the pressing issue of discrimination against Jewish students in American colleges.

swastika Rutgers

A swastika in Rutgers, 2019. (Facebook)

Antisemitism in these institutions has reached alarming levels, fostering an atmosphere of fear and hostility.

Recent events at Rutgers University underscore the urgency of addressing the pervasive issue of antisemitism on campus.

One such event is the lawsuit filed by Yoel Ackerman, a student at the university. Ackerman’s lawsuit sheds light on the university’s ineffective response to antisemitic incidents.

Despite Rutgers’ claims of taking antisemitism seriously, Ackerman’s case reveals a troubling reality. He faced disciplinary action after speaking out against antisemitic propaganda circulating on campus.

Recently, the Rutgers University Student Assembly (RUSA) voted to hold a BDS referendum, aligning with radical student groups and promoting antisemitic rhetoric.

This referendum falsely accuses Israel of atrocities while ignoring the real violence perpetrated by terrorist organizations like Hamas.

Allowing such a referendum to proceed legitimizes hate and discrimination, creating a hostile environment for Jewish students.

We must demand that RUSA President Jack Ramirez veto the BDS referendum and take a stand against discrimination on campus.

SEND AN EMAIL TO RUTGERS AT: conduct@echo.rutgers.edu 



Subject: Urgent Action Needed: Block BDS Referendum

Dear The Office of Student Conduct,

I am deeply concerned about the recent incidents of antisemitism at Rutgers University, as highlighted by Yoel Ackerman’s lawsuit.


It is imperative that the university takes immediate and effective action to combat this discrimination and ensure the safety of Jewish students on campus.


I urge Rutgers to implement comprehensive measures to address antisemitism and create a supportive environment for all students.