(AP/Jessica Gresko)
Nihad Awad CAIR

In the aftermath of the horrifying October 7 massacre in Israel, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) shamefully failed to condemn the atrocity.

Instead, its founder, Nihad Awad, disgracefully celebrated the breach of Gaza’s border, likening it to the breaking of “the walls of the concentration camp.”

These remarks, delivered during an American Muslims for Palestine convention, were not only appalling but also revealed a disturbing disregard for human life and dignity.

Speakers scheduled for the CAIR event had made antisemitic remarks, calling Jews “demons” who must “cover their horns.”

The White House rightfully distanced itself from CAIR after Awad’s reprehensible speech came to light, publicly disavowing the organization. This unequivocal response underscored the severity of CAIR’s actions and its lack of credibility.

Moreover, CAIR’s track record is rife with alarming incidents.

Multiple events organized by CAIR have been canceled in recent months due to mounting public outrage.

In Arizona, Virginia, and Florida, Marriott-franchised hotels backed out of hosting CAIR gatherings after being inundated with phone calls from outraged residents.

This demonstrates the power of collective action and gives us hope for success in our efforts to ensure that such reprehensible behavior will not be tolerated in our community.

As CAIR plans its annual banquet in the Philadelphia suburb of Springfield Township, it is imperative that we denounce their presence in the strongest terms possible.

There can be no tolerance for organizations that peddle hate and extremism in our communities.

We must demand the immediate cancellation of the upcoming CAIR event in the Philadelphia Suburb of Springfield.

CONTACT Philadelphia Suburb of Springfield NOW +1 (610) 543-9860