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France peace proposal

France has been working especially hard in what appears to be a concerted effort to undermine Israel in a number of forums. Help us get the message to France that its behavior toward Israel is unacceptable!

While France has long agitated successive Israeli governments with its pro-Palestinian bent, recently it appears to have doubled its efforts to demonstrate its anti-Israel bias and one-sided approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Last month, France decided to vote in favor of a UNESCO resolution that condemned Israeli policies on the Temple Mount and avoided any reference to the contested spot as a Jewish holy site. The resolution only referred to the Temple Mount – Judaism’s holiest site – by its Islamic name, “Al-Haram Al Sharif.”

Last week, a resolution — co-sponsored by the Arab Group and the Palestinian delegation — accusing Israel of violating the “mental, physical and environmental health” of the Palestinians received support from France, among other countries, and was passed during the World Health Organization’s (WHO) annual assembly.

Furthermore, even though France, the US, the EU, Norway and other donor countries were made aware by Israel that the foreign aid they provide to the Palestinian Authority is used to pay salaries to terrorists, France continues to fund the PA’s budget, according to Palestinian Media Watch. This is outrageous and a complete slap in the face for Israel.

Now, French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault is hosting a conference, the French Peace Initiative, in an effort to restart the stalled peace talks on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. France revealed its anti-Israel bias immediately when it threatened that if its diplomatic efforts fail, it will unilaterally recognize a Palestinian state. Israel says such a move provides an incentive for the Palestinians to refuse to compromise or negotiate directly. It insists a Palestinian state can only come about through direct negotiations, which the Palestinians consistently refuse to enter.

The examples above call into question France’s credibility to host such a conference in the first place.

These recent examples, and there are plenty more, demonstrate France’s inability to see the truth and its willingness to accept the Palestinian narrative without question.

As Guy Millière of the Gatestone Institute writes, “France’s willful blindness concerning the very real threats Israel faces is characteristic of the general attitude of France toward Israel for the last 50 years.”

Contact the French Embassy in Israel and let them know that undermining Israel is unacceptable!

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