Fianna Fail party leader Micheal Martin (AP/Peter Morrison) (AP/Peter Morrison)
Micheal Martin Fianna Fail

Ireland is on the verge of unilaterally recognizing the non-existent state of Palestine. We must urge the country to remain neutral!

Over the past few months, the Irish government has been debating recognition of the state of “Palestine,” upending Ireland’s policy of neutrality while rewarding Palestinian intransigence and further diminishing the possibility of a negotiated peace.

Direct negotiations are the only way to achieve peace in the Middle East. Unilateral moves achieve nothing. Ireland’s recognition of a Palestinian state would only encourage the Palestinians to remain outside the negotiating room.

Furthermore, recognition of a Palestinian state would automatically put Ireland on the side of the Palestinians and crush any potential peacemaking role it may have had as a neutral country.

Finally, such a move could generate significant diplomatic fallout.

When Sweden recognized a “State of Palestine,” the Israeli ambassador to the country was immediately recalled. The current government in Jerusalem may take even harsher steps against Ireland to in order to prevent more Western democracies from crossing the line and prematurely recognizing Palestine, Irish4Israel, a pro-Israel advocacy group, explained.

This is not a government motion. It was introduced by the Fianna Fail, the Irish opposition party. Our focus is on its leader, Micheal Martin.

Your action is critical! We need you all!

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