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Congressmen are urging the Trump administration to allow US citizens born in Jerusalem to name Israel as their place of birth. We must ensure the majority gets behind this effort!

Over 50 congressmen are urging the Trump administration to allow US citizens born in Jerusalem to name Israel as their place of birth.

Florida Congressman Ron DeSantis on Friday sent a letter to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, asking the State Department to allow American citizens born in Jerusalem to name “Israel” as their place of birth on US passports and other official documents, should they so choose.

The current policy allows them to state only “Jerusalem” as their birthplace, without a country.

“Allowing American citizens born in Jerusalem the option to list Israel as their birthplace is a simple adjustment that will honor the wishes of thousands of citizens,” DeSantis stated. “This change would be consistent with State Department guidelines pertaining to birthplace designations in other areas and I urge Secretary Tillerson to revise their policy immediately.”

“We ask that you change the policy to permit Jerusalem-born Americans to have ‘Israel’ listed as their birthplace,” the lawmakers wrote.

“This is an important opportunity for the Executive to unite with Congress and speak with one voice regarding the birthplace designations on the passports of Americans born in Jerusalem,” the letter continues. “We urge you to issue a new policy that will effectuate the will of Congress, as well as honor the personal preferences of thousands of Americans, with no threat to the president’s authority and power, or to our country’s foreign policy.”

This request is imperative and symbolic, especially as Israel is set to mark the 50th anniversary of the city’s reunification.

The more Congressmen that get behind this measure, the better chance it has to make a real change. Urge you representative to support this move! It would be a beautiful gift to Jerusalem, Israel’s eternal capital, as it celebrates its landmark anniversary.

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