Air France has apologized for using in-flight maps that did not include Israel.

Earlier this week, passengers on Air France flights contacted the pro-Israel organization StandWithUs to complain that the in-flight route tracking map on the airline’s planes does not label Israel as “Israel” or indicate the location of Tel Aviv.

“Apparently, Air France removed Israel/Tel Aviv from their flight tracker map, despite the fact Tel Aviv is one of their official destinations. Additionally, they now note ‘West Bank’ and ‘Gaza Strip’ despite the fact neither of these are destinations of Air France,” StandWithUs said on Facebook earlier this week.

StandWithUs launched a campaign calling on concerned individuals to write to Air France about the maps issue, after which point the airline apologized.

“Air France deeply regrets this incident. It is due to a map scale and display problem which is currently being resolved. Please find image of the in-flight entertainment system working in proper order below. Many thanks,” Air France tweeted.

But the Simon Wiesenthal Center human rights group rejected the apology, calling it “feeble and totally inadequate.”