has sparked outrage over an offensive anti-Israel product line sold through its retail site. The items may be pulled after customer complaints and negative publicity.

A line of offensive anti-Israel products was marketed on, featuring an Israeli flag splattered with blood.

The line offered a broad array of products, including Smartphone covers, umbrellas, door mats, shower curtains, pillow cases, mouse pads and more. Amazon in France is selling the products for a uniform price of NIS 65 ($14). World Amazon has prices ranging from eight to 35 dollars.

“You’ll be hoping for a rainy day so you can use this unique umbrella! Take it home now!,” the description read.

It is unknown who is manufacturing these gruesome products.

The sellers will not ship to Israel.

A close look by Israel’s Channel 2 confirmed that this was no joke and that the products were indeed for sale. It was also discovered that Israel is the only country whose flag had been defaced and imprinted onto products to be sold on the retail site.

The Foreign Ministry said it was “shocked and revolted in light of Amazon’s agreement to sell anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic products of the worst kind,” calling on the company to remove the items, the TV station reported.

Several Israelis reacted with outrage to the offensive line of products.

“It’s disgusting,” Amir wrote on the site. “I can’t believe you’re selling this. You’ll do anything for money? Why don’t you sell an umbrella with a burning US flag or an umbrella of Hitler?”

Maya wrote: “Does it seem reasonable to you to sell such products? Why are no other products with other bloodstained flags being sold? This is hurtful and racist, I will never order from you again.”

“This item is anti-semitic. Don’t you have a policy against selling items such as these?” wrote Yossi.

“Disgusting disgusting disgusting!!!!! As an Israeli I just can’t believe what I see. Very low and mostly shameful for you AMAZON. Remove it ASAP,” demanded Shira.

According to The Jerusalem Post, another customer contacted Amazon’s online customer service to complain. The Amazon representative reportedly replied: “We have already removed the listing that is directly sold by Amazon. Currently the [other] items are sold by third party sellers. I will definitely report this seller to our investigation team. The third party seller’s listing will be removed from our website.”

By: United with Israel Staff

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