Ambulances used to transport terrorists in Lebanon. (Twitter Screenshot) (Twitter Screenshot)
islamic ambulance


The ambulance driver and illegal accomplices were caught trying to sneak eight Palestinians into Jerusalem under the guise of a medical emergency.

By Pesach Benson, TPS

Eight Palestinians were caught being smuggled into Jerusalem by the drivers of a private ambulance dressed as medical personnel, Israel’s Border Police announced on Sunday.

The ambulance was stopped at a checkpoint north of Jerusalem. The driver and his assistant told Border Police officers manning the checkpoint they were on their way to a life-saving incident.

The officers became suspicious when a check of their systems turned up no such event described by the driver.

The officers opened the back of the ambulance and found eight Palestinians without entry permits.

Bodycam footage released by the police showed the Palestinians lying flat as an officer opened the back of the ambulance, which was labeled “Private Ambulance Hadera.” Hadera is an Israeli city south of Haifa.

The driver, an Israeli citizen, and the Palestinians, all from the Samaria region, were placed under arrest.

The announcement did not specify what happened to the driver’s assistant.

Since October 7, Border Police forces have arrested more than 6,100 illegal residents, of whom 687 were caught in the last week.

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