Today, April 7, 2013 a highly anticipated and blatantly anti-Semitic (today is Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day) cyber attack was scheduled to begin against numerous Israeli government and civilian websites. But Israel is fighting back!

The ‘Anonymous’ hacker sites list numerous Israeli websites they claimed to have disabled. Several sites did report slowdowns on Saturday night, but nearly all the sites the hackers claimed to have taken down were operating normally. The group’s goal (outlined below) is to “remove Jews from the Internet”–note the use of the word Jews.

In response, Israeli hackers began a counter-hack against the anti-Israel attacks, called #OpIsrael, with an operation of their own against sites in countries associated with the anti-Israel groups. A group called the Israeli Elite Strike Force over the weekend disabled dozens of sites in Pakistan, Iran, Syria, and several north African countries. 

Additionally, the website associated with the movement,, which was announced on the CyberWarZone website back on March 16th, and was actively used to coordinate supporters and promote #OpIsrael is now playing Hatikvah (the Israeli National Anthem). The page was hacked by EhIsR and also contains a 20 point list of arguments in support of Israel.


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By Noah Alhadeff


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