Infamous terrorist and popular Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti is in solitary confinement after smuggling a letter from prison calling for a third intifada.

Marwan Barghouti in an Israeli court in 2003. (Photo: Flash90)

Marwan Barghouti in an Israeli court in 2003. (Photo: Flash90)

Terrorist prisoner Marwan Barghouti, considered a favorite among Palestinian Arabs to succeed PA leader Mahmoud Abbas, was transferred to solitary confinement on Wednesday for inciting violence against Israelis from behind bars.

Marking the 10th anniversary of the death of arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat, founder of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Barghouti, 55, smuggled a letter out of prison calling for an intifada and for intensified resistance against the Israeli “occupation.”

Known as the mastermind of the second intifada (2000-2005), during which several thousand innocent civilians were murdered by terrorists that Barghouti and his ilk refer to as “martyrs,” he called upon the PA to end its security cooperation with Israel.

To bring on a third intifada – which many in Israel believe has already started – would be an act of loyalty to the legacy of Arafat, Barghouti wrote, urging his people to continue “carrying the rifle.”

A senior figure in the Fatah party headed by Abbas, Barghouti is serving five life sentences at Hadarim prison in central Israel. Earlier this year, Abbas had appealed to U.S. President Barack Obama to pressure Israel for Barghouti’s release.

Barghouti was placed in isolation for seven days and fined several hundred shekels.

Author: United with Israel Staff

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