Bella Hadid. (AP/Invision) AP/Invision
Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid and her family members promote falsehoods about Jews and the State of Israel on social media.

By United with Israel Staff

Storied French label Louis Vuitton (LVMH) was blasted this week for featuring model Bella Hadid in an upcoming project with Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.

The American model, who is of Dutch and Jordanian descent, frequently rants against the Jewish state online, posting antisemtic content that is viewed by her close to 57 million followers on Instagram.

“Ms. Hadid has repeatedly been identified with expressing hate promoting messages and inciting comments,” said Malcolm Hoenlein, Executive Vice Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, in comments published by The Algemeiner. “In response to LVMH featuring Hadid, LVMH should be particularly sensitive to this and should disassociate from her. Send a message that there will be no more no excuses, no exception. Jew hatred will not be tolerated.”

The move by LVMH was also condemned by Liora Rez, executive director of, who referred to Hadid as an “ardent antisemite” in comments published by The Algemeiner.

The outcry regarding Hadid is related to her statements promoting the falsehoods that Israel as an “apartheid” state and that Israeli Jews are “colonizers” who are perpetrating ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

In July 2022, Hadid posted a series of Instagram posts lamenting the deaths of Gaza-based terrorists during an escalation launched by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group.

On a separate occasion, she claimed that “Jesus was a Palestinian,” a popular but ridiculous claim spouted by Israel’s detractors who are either incredibly ignorant or intentionally dishonest.

In reality, the historical figure was a Jew living in what was then known as “Judea.”

“Palestine, or officially ‘Provincia Syria Palaestina,’ was a name invented by the Romans in 135 CE as a replacement for ‘Judea,’ in an effort to eliminate all expressions of Jewry in the region following the defeat of Bar Kohba in the Jewish rebellion against the Roman Empire,” explained Rachel O’Donoghue of media watchdog Honest Reporting.

Hadid’s ignorance of basic historical facts seems to run in the family, with her father, Mohamed, claiming on social media in May 2022 that former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir, was a “proud Palestinian.”

“She was proud Palestinian,” Mohamed posted to Instagram alongside an edited video of Meir. Hadid quoted the former prime minister out of context claiming that she was describing a society of peaceful coexistence among “Jews Christian Muslim Palestinians all Arabs” [sic].

In reality, Meir states later in that interview that Palestinian identity was a modern invention. “When were the Palestinians born?” she asks, rhetorically.

“Meir argued that there was no difference between Arabs on the West and East of the Jordan river and that there was no reason that Jordan couldn’t have established a Palestinian state in [Judea and Samaria] when they had ruled it,” reported the Jerusalem Post, describing the Meir’s actual comments in the video.

In March 2022, Vogue magazine was forced to edit an Instagram post in which another one of Mohamed’s daughters, model Gigi Hadid, made an absurd comparison between Ukrainians suffering from Russia’s invasion of their country to “those experiencing the same in Palestine.”

While the magazine removed the comparison on social media after public outcry, it remained in a Vogue online news article.

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