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An Orthodox Jewish volunteer of the Emergency Medical Service organization, United Hatzalah, seen near an ambulance in Jerusalem.

With a surge in terror attacks like the Jerusalem Light Rail murders and the attempted assassination of Rabbi Glick, emergency medical response time could be the difference between life and death. 

There has been a significant rise in terror since the conclusion of Operation Protective Edge. As a result, emergency medical responders have been under intense pressure to arrive quickly and ready to treat whatever the incident requires. United Hatzalah is known for their speed and effectiveness dealing with tragedy. The sooner they can arrive at the scene of the crisis, the greater their ability to save lives

Executive Director of United with Israel poses with United Hatzolah staff

Executive Director of United with Israel poses with United Hatzalah staff

Jerusalem in-particular has seen increased terrorist activity in the last couple of months. We had the Jerusalem Light Rail attack in which a 3 month old baby and a 23 year old girl were murdered, and 7 others who were injured. More recently, Rabbi Yehuda Glick was viciously gunned down outside the Menachem Begin Heritage Center. The need for emergency response teams has never been greater in light of our current troubles. They need to be able to respond immediately and be prepared for whatever they’re going to find.

United with Israel to the Rescue!

With this in mind, United with Israel donated 4 AED defibrillators to United Hatzalah in recognition of their incredible work. When seconds count, the people of Israel count on United Hatzalah. With these extra defibrillators, more lives can be saved.

During Operation Protective Edge, a well-known Rebbetzin visited Israel to give support and encouragement to the people under fire. Unfortunately, the sirens went off during her visit, causing her to go into cardiac arrest. By the time the rescue team got to her, she was already gone. If they could have arrived sooner with a defibrillator, she could have been resuscitated.

United with Israel is very active in protecting the people of Israel. We were very active during Operation Protective Edge, thanks to the support of our donors, providing food to families in need, security equipment for towns in the South, necessary supplies for the IDF, providing bomb shelters to cities in the South and more recently in planting fruit trees before the Shemita year, and a lot more.

About United Hatzalah

United Hatzalah is Israel’s first and largest fully-volunteer emergency rapid response service. With a fleet of over 300 ambucycles, United Hatzalah’s 3,000 volunteers respond to nearby emergencies from mobile-alerts and are able to arrive first on site to administer urgent care within minutes from the initial call of distress – bridging the gap between emergency and ambulance arrival. United Hatzalah is a fully non-profit organization that relies solely on the generous gifts of supporters worldwide; all emergency medical treatment is administered by fully trained volunteers that do not charge for their life saving service. For more information watch United Hatzalah Founder and President Eli Beer’s TED talk or visit www.IsraelRescue.org. The main page for United Hatzalah is: https://israelrescue.org/

Author: United with Israel Staff