In this particular instance, the car of this one Jewish family was traveling 80 kilometers per hour (fifty miles per hour) and the big rock smashed through the window of the automobile, flying only a few inches from the baby’s seat. Roie, the child’s father, was sitting in the car helplessly with his wife and their two other children, one eight-years-old and one two-years-old, without being able to do any thing to save his baby. It was only a matter of luck that the rock did not hit the infant. Roie claimed, “We were saved by a miracle.” Indeed, G-d was looking out for this family.

However, not every one who survives such terror attacks is so lucky. Over a year ago, Palestinian terrorists succeeded to murder Asher Palmer and his two-year-old son after they threw a rock at Palmer’s car near Kiryat Arba. Thus, rocks can and do kill, especially when they are humongous. They are not harmless. To the contrary of Palestinian propoganda claims, rock-throwing is not peaceful resistance.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media usually ignores rock-throwing unless it causes death or injury. However, just because this family driving through Binyamin survived does not mean that rock-throwing is not news-worthy, especially when vehicles are involved, given that driving alone can be deadly business even if no one is trying to throw rocks at you while you are driving. Furthermore, as a matter of principle, no one should be forced to drive while people throw deadly rocks at them simply because they are perceived to be members of the wrong ethnic group, in the opinion of the Palestinian rock-throwers.

If a group of Palestinians militants living in the US were throwing rocks at American vehicles traveling down I-270 near Washington, DC, with the intention to harm as many Americans as possible out of racial hatred, no one would view it as a trivial matter. America would rightly consider it a threat to her national security. It should be no different with a group of Palestinian terrorists throwing rocks at Israeli vehicles traveling through Judea and Samaria, for that is also threat to Israel’s national security.

By Rachel Avraham