There are many ways to learn a language, but one of the more enjoyable and creative ways to learn has always been through music.

eTeacher, a world leader in online Biblical Hebrew courses, is offering a special 5-CD collection of Biblical Hebrew songs to anyone who signs up to one of its Biblical Hebrew courses.

The CD set features 111 songs inspired by, or based on well-known Biblical stories, events and heroes. The last two discs include actual Biblical verses set to newly composed melodies.

Among the performers are some of Israel’s most beloved singers from today and the last several decades, including Arik Einstein, Gali Atari, Gidi Gov, Matti Caspi, Jonathan (Yonatan) Razel, Uzi Hitman, and Yehoram Gaon, among many others.

And if that’s not enough, the CD also includes a striking Hebrew booklet featuring the lyrics to all the songs alongside the relevant Biblical verses.

The Best of All Worlds

long bannerThousands of students from around the world enjoy eTeacherBiblical’s courses every year. Now new students can enjoy the live online lessons, without having to leave home, and enjoy listening to over 100 Hebrew songs, all telling Biblical stories, at their leisure, in the car or with their families.

Collaboration with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

eTeacher’s courses are taught by leading and highly experienced teachers and scholars of Biblical Hebrew. As a matter of fact, the program has been such a success that the prestigious Hebrew University of Jerusalem now offers eTeacher’s courses as accredited Biblical Hebrew courses to overseas students. The Hebrew University’s Humanities Program is ranked in the top 100 globally, and this collaboration is the first in the University’s 91 year history.

What Students Have to Say

Here is what Rachel from Arizona, one of eTeacher’s students, had to say: “With the discs I can read Hebrew and sing along. This is a great gift that helped me learn even more of our prophets beautiful language.”

For more information and registration, call: USA & Canada: 1-800-316-3783,
Worldwide : +1-646-200-5822

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