The Czech Republic recently caved to a Palestinian demand to order its schools to teach that Tel Aviv – not Jerusalem – is the capital of the State of Israel, but after an intense diplomatic intervention by Israel, the Slavic state backed down and decided to keep Jerusalem as the capital in all textbooks.

CNN's Ashleigh Banfield, anchor for "The Legal View" news program, attempted to equate fringe Jewish terrorist acts with widespread Islamic terrorism against all civilians worldwide. United with Israel activists protested to CNN for allowing her to single out rare acts of violence by Jews.

As it became apparent that Facebook does not adhere to its own rules regarding incitement to terrorism, United with Israel launched a campaign against Facebook to insist that it remove pages that incite to violence and terrorism.

As part of our ongoing effort to clear the internet of videos that incite violence and terror against Jews, United with Israel posted a list of videos that need to be removed from YouTube. The response was huge! Over 30,000 complaints to YouTube appears to have done the trick!

Incitement to violence against Jews is widely prevalent on social media and YouTube is no exception. Incitement leads terrorists to commit acts of terror. United with Israel asked its supporters to contact YouTube and report hate videos in the hope they would be removed. The effort paid off!

After a huge outcry - including from thousands of United with Israel supporters - Reykjavík Mayor Dagur Eggertsson said the city will only boycott goods made in "occupied territories." This is wrong! Iceland must reject all boycotts against Israel!