Fearing the perceived spread of Islam in his country, a Czech politician has resorted to controversial tactics.

Czech opposition party head Tomio Okamura has decided to defend his country’s heritage and is taking up the battle against what he perceives as the Islamization of the Czech Republic.

Okamura published a post on Facebook in which he instructed Czechs on how to “protect [our] democratic way of life and to protect the heritage of our ancestors from Islam, before it’s too late”

Among other suggestions, he called for people to “breed dogs and piglets as pets and walk them near their neighborhood centers, mosques, and popular hangouts” in protest of the Muslim presence. Muslims view dogs and pigs as impure animals.

He also called for the boycott of Muslim food vendors in protest of radical Islam. “Each kebab we buy is funding for another Burka,” Okamura wrote. “How will your wife be able to eat if she has to wear a scarf on her face?”

Other suggestions included “publishing articles about the atrocities of Islamists in areas they control, and their atrocities in Western Europe (which our media does everything to conceal),” and “support at all levels prohibitions of external manifestations of Islam (scarves, hijab, niqab etc. in public, at schools and offices), rejecting it as part of the political struggle for the enforcement of political Islam and Islamization efforts of the Czech Republic.”

‘Our Hospitality Has its Limits’

“Can we discuss with them about why, if Islam is a religion of peace, as they claim, why they do not condemn publicly and loudly atrocities and killings committed in the name of Islam around the world, while at the same time loudly claiming their ‘rights’ and protesting against everything that is ‘insulting’?,” Okamura asked rhetorically.

The politician said that such protest actions were not motivated by xenophobia or Islamophobia, adding that Muslims needed to be reminded that they were guests in the country.

“Keep in mind the fundamental truth that they have no tolerance for us and they are here as guests. So I have no moral obligation to be tolerant and generous to them,” he wrote.

Slamming the “naive multiculturalism” in Europe, Okamura further called on Czechs to “make it clear [to Muslims] that our hospitality has its limits.”

However, at least one local media outlet in the Czech Republic has depicted Okamura as a denier of the Nazi mass murder of gypsies, and says he has been accused of expressing sympathy with a Czech neo-Nazi party.

By: United with Israel Staff

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