The Israeli Dimona nuclear reactor facility now has an extra layer of protection – spiritual protection.  A new Torah scroll and synagogue with room for 300 people were recently dedicated at the site.  Workers at the nuclear facility in the  northern Negev have been praying in a bomb shelter there for many years and nuclear reactor have American billionaire and philanthropist Ira Rennert responded to an initiative for the new synagogue which was launched last year.

The Israel Hayom newspaper reports that a small number of guests were invited to attend the event given the sensitive security at the site.

A source familiar with the event explained: “The reactor operates 365 days a year, even during holidays, but until now, there has not been a proper synagogue…There are thousands of workers at the reactor, and we were surprised to discover there was no synagogue for the hundreds of observant Jews working there…I have no doubt that the building of a new synagogue and dedication of a new Torah scroll here will protect us against all eternal threats, including that from Iran.