Ukrainian Jewish Refugees Arriving in Israel (Gideon Markowicz/TPS) (Gideon Markowicz/TPS)
Ukrainian refugees

The Palestinian Authority’s paper of record sees the murder of thousands of Ukrainian civilians as a lesser tragedy than the immigration of Jewish refugees to land the PA denies belongs to Israel.


According to the Palestinian Authority, 2,000 Ukrainian Jews moving to Israel is worse than two million Ukrainian refugees and thousands of Ukrainians being murdered. This was sentiment was published in the official Palestinian Authority daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida.

Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reported that the official PA daily’s article published earlier this month about Israel building 1,000 new housing units for Ukrainian Jews  declared that “disaster for one [Ukrainian people] is a greater disaster for another [Palestinians].”

The phrase is a twist of the Arabic proverb: “Disaster for one is profit for another.”

PMW explained that “based on the often-expressed Palestinian world view that all international events are to be judged only based on how they impact on Palestinians, the PA daily sees the tragedy of thousands of murdered Ukrainian civilians and the flight of two million refugees as a lesser tragedy than the ‘tragedy’ of Jewish Ukrainians immigrating to Israel.”

PMW further points out that “an additional question should also be asked: Why should the PA be opposed to Jews immigrating to Israel within the pre-1967 cease-fire lines, where the Ukrainian refugee immigrants are to be housed?” meaning that this is not a question of Judea and Samaria but of Israel’s existence as a Jewish state.

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