Kfir Brigade soldiers training at an IDF urban warfare center. (Israel Defense Forces) (Israel Defense Forces)
Kfir Brigade

The volunteer effort called 3D4IL has produced 43,000 pieces of equipment for soldiers since the beginning of the war.

By Shula Rosen

An engineer in the south of Israel named Ariel Harush has used 3D printing to produce thousands of items of crucial military equipment for IDF soldiers during the current war, as reported by No Camels. 

Harush was completing the final year of his materials engineering degree at Ben-Gurion University and was working as a development engineer at HP when the October 7th massacre occurred and the war between Hamas and Israel began.

Harush tried to enlist for reserve duty but was told that there was a surplus of people who were ready to serve in the IDF.

Trying to find ways he could volunteer to assist with the war effort, Harush was contacted by a friend who was a soldier and needed a connector for his army radio.

Although the connector could be fashioned from a bottle cap, Harush told his friend he could make one with a 3D printer.

Just a day later, Harush was inundated with requests from army commanders asking him to fashion the same device for their troops.

He told No Camels, “I understood then it’s going to be something bigger.”

Harush started a Whatsapp group called 3D4IL which received 1,000 requests daily for radio connectors, which were produced and shipped out.

Meanwhile, Harush realized he needed a staff of volunteers who have since produced 43,000 pieces of equipment for the IDF.

In addition to radio connectors, the team began producing eye protectors for rifle scopes after soldiers were getting black eyes from the impact of the recoil from firing guns.

Also, Harush’s volunteers produce mesh covers for the scope lens that don’t reflect light or give away the soldier’s position.

3D4IL produces these items for a fraction of the regular price and can deliver them immediately to soldiers, so there is no need to wait weeks for delivery.

The volunteer effort relies entirely on donations that can be sent to this PayPal account.

Soldiers who need items can reach Harush 3D4IL by calling +972 546 224 717 or emailing 3d4israel@gmail.com.

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