Israel is most famous for being the Holy Land, central to the religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. But whether you’re religious or not, this beautiful country is packed full of history, unforgettable scenery and unique experiences.

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Remember when you were a little and you wanted to float in the pool but couldn’t manage to do it? Well, in Israel we found a solution: The Dead Sea. Since this sea has such a high concentration of salt, you can float naturally! This means that if you have kids you can sit on the beach and relax while they float in the water. In addition, the amount of salt is so high (third highest in the world) that it helps to heal any wound (though hurts like heck).

The Dead Sea is an amazing phenomenon – it’s the lowest place in the world, and the temperature is high even during the winter. It has a unique kind of mud that you can use as a natural spa for your skin. The sea is surrounded by breathtaking desert mountains like Masada, an ancient fortress where the last Jewish rebels during Roman invasion committed mass suicide rather than be enslaved by the Romans. The ancient mountain often hosts musical concerts in the midst of the ruins – a memorable experience for anyone. For those who like hiking, you can climb all the way up to the top, and for those who don’t, there’s a cable car. When you reach the top you will find archeological digs from the Roman Empire (31st BCE): a palace, a bath house, strongholds, and more. These antiques are so well preserved that while walking among them you feel like you’ve gone back in time. The hot dry air is brushing against your skin and you can almost hear the Roman soldiers climbing up the mountain. Don’t worry, luckily the Romans are long gone…

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You can’t go to France without seeing the Eifel tower or go to China without seeing the Great Wall, likewise when you come to Israel you have to go to Jerusalem – so much to see in one city! It is one of the most unique cities in the world, especially if you are Christian, Muslim or Jewish. Now, clear your mind and imagine walking through the streets of the ancient city, getting to the market – smelling new fragrances, tasting new flavors and hearing so many different languages (Hebrew, Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Korean, Russian and more), suddenly you hear the muezzin – if you are Muslim it means a lot to you, but if you’re not… well it’s like music to your ears and you can keep on walking and shopping.

Many Christian pilgrims come from all corners of the world to walk the Via Dolorosa – leading to the Church of the Sepulchre. Of course you must see Al-Aqsa mosque, the holiest Muslim site in Jerusalem. But the most iconic site of Jerusalem has to be the Western Wall, one of the four walls that surrounded the ancient Israelite Temple – the most important place for the Jews.

My 5 year old cousin from the US came Israel for a holiday and we took him there. I gave him a piece of paper and a pen and told him to write a wish and stuck it in the wall. He did it, ran back and asked his mother: “Mom, how long does it take god to make a delivery? Cos’ on eBay it takes 3 days”. Well unfortunately it’s not that easy, but who knows – you might get lucky!

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Would you like to feel like emperor for the day? Just walk around the harbor of Caesaria, build yourself a castle on the beach, bathe in the sea and absorb the ancient ruins – your kingdom.
Walk by the bath houses, look at the sculptures, and sense the history of Herod’s palace which stood here 25-13 BCE on the shores of the Mediterranean. In 6 CE the palace became the official residence of the Roman governors.

Today you can only see the remains but if you put a little imagination into it, you can almost see it. The last stop should be at the ancient amphitheater – which today is the most important place for every singer in Israel to perform. Only the best singers get to perform there and give the best performances, so while you’re there buy tickets and enjoy the show.

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The Jordan river has deep religious meaning, but it’s also a great place to enjoy the outdoors with – rafting, flying fox, bicycle trip, jeep trip, paintball and more. This river is the longest river in Israel, and is significant to both Jews and Christians. The river is mentioned a few times in the Bible – for example, when the Israelites cross the river after leaving Egypt, it is also the third most holy place for Christians.

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ACRE (Old City)
There is a hummus commercial that says: “hummus, make it with love or don’t make it at all”. Akko is home to what is widely regarded as the best hummus in Israel. You sit at the table and a waiter comes over with different kinds of salads, and then you order. The famous hummus is the perfect accompaniment to a long day of walking around the city, there is just so much to see.

Let’s start with the most beautiful botanical garden of the Baha’i culture. Amazing plants and flowers surround a shrine with a small room where Baha’u’llah’s (the prophet of the Baha’i culture) remains are laid to rest. After that treat for the eyes, continue to the Hospitaller Fortress – where people devoted themselves to care for the sick in the Holy Land and keep them safe. You can only enjoy the first floor since the upper ones were destroyed by Muslim conquerors. The headquarters building has the central court which has a few pools where they did laundry, bathed, and drank. Inside there are a few halls, and each has its own history.

Once you’ve caught your breath, go to the Templars’ tunnel – the Templars were sent by the pope to aid pilgrims coming from Europe to visit the Holy Land. They first settled in Jerusalem on the Temple Mount, hence their name – the guardians of the temple. After Jerusalem was conquered on 1187, they moved to Akko and built their fortress. The tunnel extends from the Templars in the west to the city’s port in the east. The tunnel feels like a time machine as animated shorts are screened on the walls. It reveals a little bit about the life in Akko during the Crusades and the history of the Templar order. There is so much to see in Akko but for now, it’s hummus time! Bon appétit.

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