Facebook does not consider contemporary blood libels against Jews to be in violation of its “Community Standards,” pro-Israel blogger Elder of Ziyon reported on Friday.

According to the report, a complaint the pro-Israel blogger had lodged with the social media giant about a “news” article posted on the page of Egyptian media outlet Sout al-Omma being an example of hate speech, received this response:

We reviewed the share you reported for displaying hate speech and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards.

Please let us know if you see anything else that concerns you. We want to keep Facebook safe and welcoming for everyone.

According to the blogger, Sout al-Omma published the traditional “Passover blood libel” earlier this week as “straight news” in its “investigations” section. The outlet “explained” that since medieval times, Jews have used the blood of young children to make Passover matza, adding that today Israel imports children from Brazil for the same purpose. It claimed, too, that Israeli Arabs live in fear, during the weeks leading up to Passover, that their children will be kidnapped and murdered by Jews in preparation for the holiday.

Sout al-Omma then posted the article on its Facebook page, illustrating it with medieval Christian illustrations of Jews practicing the bloody ritual.

Elder of Ziyon said that Facebook’s response means that “accusing Jews of murdering Arab and Christian children to eat their blood is not a violation of [Facebook’s] community standards.”

By: Andrew Pessin/The Algemeiner

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