Nasser Al-Naqeeb and his son Mahmoud. (Twitter) Twitter


The IDF caught Nasser Al-Naqeeb and his son Mahmoud, who are accused of perpetrating a shooting attack on Israeli motorists near the city of Shechem.

By United with Israel Staff

Early Sunday morning, Israeli troops carried out a successful raid, capturing two Palestinian terrorists accused of shooting at Israeli motorists in the Samaria region on Friday.

The terror suspects are a father-son team, Nasser and Mahmoud Al-Naqeeb. Hours before their arrest, the Lion’s Den terror group took credit for the shooting, which was perpetrated near a newer Jewish community in the area called Havat Gilad.

Despite firing at least four shots at the car, which blew out the vehicle’s windows and hit the driver-side headrest, the Israeli motorist was not injured.

The Palestinian media identified the Al-Naqeebs as the suspects taken into custody by Israeli forces near Shechem, which the Palestinians call Nablus, an Arabic version of the name invading Romans gave the area (Neapolis) during the time of the destruction of the Second Temple (~70 CE).

The Shin Bet and Isaeli military confirmed the operation leading to the Al-Naqeeb arrests, according to Israeli media reports.

Cowardly Lions?

In October, the Lion’s Den terror cell launched a rash of shootings that have continued into November and December. Israeli security forces responded with extensive raids, and several Lion’s Den leaders have died under mysterious circumstances that Palestinians attributed to Israeli assassins.

Lion’s Den terrorists also continue to turn themselves into the Palestinian Authority, apparently fearing for their lives.

In October alone, however, 25 Israeli civilians “were injured by Palestinians during shooting and ramming attacks, clashes, the throwing of stones and Molotov cocktails and other incidents during the same period,” reported the AP based on United Nations data.

That included an incident in which a Palestinian terrorist murdered a 50-year-old Israeli man named Ronen Hanania at the entrance to the Jewish town of Kiryat Arba, which is next to Hebron, one of Judaism’s four holy cities.

Hanania’s son was also wounded in the attack.

The two Israeli men had entered a convenience between Kiryat Arba and Hebron and were ambushed when they returned to their car.

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