Prime Minister Netanyahu with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban (Haim Zach/GPO) (Haim Zach/GPO)
Netanyahu and Orban

Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced his government would donate $3.4 million to causes fighting anti-Semitism in Europe.

By Shula Rosen

On a visit by Israel’s Diaspora Affairs and Antisemitism Minister Amichai Chikli to Hungary, the country’s foreign minister Péter Szijjártó declared that Hungary was “the safest haven for Jews in Europe today.

For his part, Chikli praised Hungary in a statement as a secure place for Jews.

He said, “It is Hungary’s robust conservative leadership that ensures Jews can walk through the streets safely, unlike in other European capitals, where, notably in London, Jews require armored vehicles for safe passage.”

The statement continued, “Hungary is today the safest country for Jews in Europe who do not need armed fighters at the entrance of their institutions, thanks to responsible immigration policy.”

Since October 7th, antisemitic incidents have increased triple digits in most European countries and many Jews express fears of going to synagogue or to Jewish centers.

However, Hungary and Italy are the safest places in Europe for Jews, according to a survey by Danube Institute Research.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced his government would donate $3.4 million to causes fighting anti-Semitism in Europe.

During his visit to strengthen the bond between Hungary and Israel, Chikli met with the Deputy Prime Minister, the Foreign Minister, lawmakers and representatives of Hungary’s Jewish community.

In addition, Chikli talked to government officials about terrorism, antisemitism, and issues Israel faces with the EU.

Israel’s Foreign Minister also discussed defunding UNRWA with European Parliament member Arno Schler-Bros and Deputy Minister Miklós Panyi,

It came to light that 13 UNRWA employees took a direct role in the October 7th massacre, with hundreds of others involved in some capacity with Hamas or other terrorist groups.

Chikli commented, “The direct involvement of UNRWA staff in terrorist activities and their systematic incitement within the organization’s facilities leave no room for justification of an agency exclusively for Palestinians.”

Chikli stated that the country’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, has been unfairly slandered and has been accused of antisemitism.

He said, “Accusations of antisemitism and racism were hurled at him, yet today, Budapest is the singular European capital where a Jew can proudly wear a Star of David and kippah.”

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