Scene of disaster during flooding in Israel's South.(Gili Yaari/Flash90) Scene of disaster during flooding in Israel's South.(Gili Yaari/Flash90)
Flooding in South

At least nine teens, on a school field trip in the South, have died, and several others are missing as Israel gets hit by unseasonal storms and flooding.

By: United with Israel Staff and TPS

A freak late-spring storm battered Israel for the second consecutive, as floods hit the southern resort town of Eilat, forcing the closure of the city’s airport and major highway leading into the city.

At least nine high school students have died and several others went missing on Thursday when their field trip in the south of the country was disrupted by flash floods.

The group of high school students was trekking at the Tsafit stream in the Arava when the area they were in was hit by massive flooding.

“I commend the security and rescue forces that are now working to save lives and locate the missing in the terrible disaster that took place today in Nahal Tzafit. We are all praying for better news,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement.

“Our prayers and thoughts are with our brothers, our children, and our loved ones who are in trouble. We are closely following the updates from the south and send a warm embrace to the worried families. We will strengthen all the security and rescue forces, who are in the process of search and rescue and medical treatment. I ask you all, please follow the instructions of the police and rescue forces and be attentive to them, President Reuven Rivlin stated.”

The stormy weather is expected to subside over the weekend.