A Hamas rally. (Fadi Fahd/Flash90) Fadi Fahd/Flash90

This furious Gaza resident exposes Hamas terror bosses for the abject failures they are, providing nothing more than “$100 of Qatari money per person and four hours of electricity a day” in their 13-year rule.

By Yakir Benzion, United With Israel

Palestinians living under the rule of the Hamas terror group in Gaza don’t expect much, but a recent bluff by the military rulers caused one Palestinian to blow his stack and take the dangerous (for him) step of posting his anti-Hamas rant on social media.

The Israeli news channel on the Telegram app Abu Ali Express retweeted a video by one brave Gaza man who gave an impassioned condemnation of the last 13 years of Hamas rule, saying the Iran-backed terrorists had done nothing but put Gazans into deep poverty.

In the two-minute-long video, the unidentified Palestinian lets Hamas have it right between the eyes, even though Hamas is known to arrest and jail anybody who publicly criticizes its rule.

He notes that the residents of Gaza are fully aware of the situation but keep quiet and suck it up, because they don’t want to see their own blood spilled.

Without mentioning the word “Hamas” once in the video he goes on to say: “For 13 years, war, problems, worries and the loss of the future for me, my children and my children’s children – for what? So that I can return home and wait for $100? That God should help us with you.”

“I appeal to you in the name of Allah, have a little mercy on us,” he implored, adding that in the end, everybody, leader and ordinary person alike, gets buried in the same hole in the ground.

“May God protect us from every one who hurts the people and land of Gaza, and you are still saying ‘Alahu Akbar’ – may Allah help us from you.”

“I’ve already wasted 13 years of my life so that I can live with four hours of electricity (a day), with no job, no employment, without food, without drink, without housing, with nothing .. and others who are already in their 30s haven’t gotten married and have nothing – [this is] our great achievement after 13 years?!”

“We have dedicated 13 years [of our lives], have suffered for 13 years, have endured suffering like no other country in the world, and the final achievement we have is $100 and four hours of electricity a day.”

“Allah will take care that you won’t reach heaven and you won’t have anything good in your life.”

He ends with the traditional phrase “Asalaam Aleikum” – peace be upon you.

Because Gaza’s economy collapsed under Hamas rule, unemployment is well over 50 percent and every month the government of Qatar brings in suitcases stuffed with millions of dollars of U.S. currency so that each poor family in Gaza gets $100 in charity in order to survive and keep pressure off of the Hamas government.

What prompted the rant against Hamas was the news that the terror group turned off all electricity in Gaza last week as a negotiating tactic against Israel, not because they had run out of fuel as Hamas had claimed.

Somehow, after claiming the fuel tanks were dry, the power suddenly came back on in different parts of Gaza for the regular four hours a day, sparking the furious response by impoverished Gazans who Hamas left in the dark with no power during the height of summer heat.



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