Solutions for the disadvantaged; Better than Iron Dome; Smart trolleys heading for the US; and much more!

by: Michael Ordman


Breakthrough in Alzheimer’s research

Scientists at Israel’s Technion Institute have developed a method of removing copper ions that cause the toxic buildup of amyloid plaque in Alzheimer’s patients. Professor Galia Maayan and PhD student Anastasia Behar have patented the groundbreaking “chelation” (extraction) process.

Genetic database saves lives in 44 countries

Israel’s Genoox (see here previously) has developed Franklin – a repository of genetic biopsy information relating to cancer mutations. Doctors in more than 1700 healthcare organizations in over 44 countries use Franklin to personalize cancer treatments to the patient’s genetic makeup.

Covid treatment reduced deaths by 70%

In its latest Phase 2 trial at three major Israeli hospitals, MesenCure from Israel’s Bonus BioGroup (see here previously) reduced Covid-19 deaths to 6.7% compared to 23.3% of the control group. It is now aiming for emergency use authorization in US, EU, and Israel.

Saliva-based test kits

Israel’s Salignostics has developed Salistick, the world’s first and only saliva-based rapid pregnancy test kit. It detects the pregnancy hormone β-hCG and delivers a test result in 10 minutes. Another of Salignostics kits, SaliCov, detects Covid-19 from saliva in just 15 minutes.,7340,L-3922310,00.html

The memory can aid healing

Researchers at Israel’s Technion (a team of Jews and Arabs) have discovered that the brain can induce a psychosomatic response not only to cause illness, but also to heal it. Inflammation in mice activated specific neurons which later could be manipulated to re-create or control the inflammation.

UK extends partnership for research into aging

The Britain-Israel Research and Academic Exchange (BIRAX) partnership has launched a new £1.6 million grant program to fund joint research between Israeli and UK scientists in the field of ageing. (see here for 2018 initiative)

Stay on your feet

Comprehensive article describing the innovative device from Israel’s Votis (see here previously) that can identify peripheral artery disease (PAD) in its very early stages.

$75 million initiative to tackle diabetes

Bar-Ilan University is creating a program to transform diabetes care. The Social Precision-medicine Health Equity Research Endeavour (SPHERE). is supported by a $20 million grant from the Russell Berrie Foundation and will identify genetic mutations that cause diabetes.

Fixing hearts of children from the Congo

Israeli charity Save a Child’s Heart (SACH – see here previously) is bringing its first group of Congolese children to the Jewish state for life-saving heart surgery at the Wolfson Medical Center in Holon.

Saving a life while wearing pajamas

United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Noemie was asleep after finishing a late shift in the pediatric ward of Sheba Hospital. She was suddenly alerted to go to the aid of a 92-year-old unconscious woman but had no time to get dressed. She saved her patient, performing CPR in her pajamas!


Solutions for the disadvantaged

Israeli-founded Tikkun Olam Makers (TOM – see here previously) has just held its latest virtual TOM Global Innovation Challenge to provide tailored solutions to people with disabilities, the elderly or poor. The winner was a 3D-printed hand support, enabling 5-year-old Shani to draw, play and eat.

EU prize for female innovator

Israel’s Dr. Daphne Haim-Langford is one of the three winners of the 2021 EU Prize for Women Innovators, awarded to founders of successful innovative companies. Dr Haim-Langford (previously of Israel’s Eximore) is CEO of Israel’s Tarsier (targeting autoimmune inflammatory eye diseases)

Flight school’s first female squadron leader

For the first time, a woman was appointed as a squadron leader in the Israel Air Force’s flight school. Major ‘Yud’ will command the IDF school’s combat navigators’ squadron and train the next generation of navigators. (see here for previous female IAF leaders)

She Space

The International Astronautical Federation has awarded Ben Gurion University an excellence award for its educational project entitled “She Space”. The project encourages girls to be involved in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) studies.

Israelis set up a US bank with a charitable ethos

Spiral is an Israel-founded socially-responsible “neobank” (on-line bank) for US customers. Up to $250,000 of each customer’s savings are protected by FDIC Insurance. Its app facilitates easy donations to any charity with a 501c3 designation, which Spiral matches up to $150.

Arabs and Jews blend in Abu Ghosh

Chen Kupperman is founder of the non-profit (short for Blend Arabic) a unique Arabic language school in Abu Ghosh. Studies consist of formal classes, informal practice in small groups with Arab tutors, and involvement in the daily lives of the residents of the Israeli-Arab town.

Surfside firefighters visit Israel

15 firefighters from Florida, Ohio and Virginia who had worked with the Israelis at the Surfside Miami disaster, came to Israel for five days. They participated in a rescue training drill with the IDF Home Front Command and conducted a joint review of the Surfside rescue operation.

Sustainable energy in refugee camps

Israel’s HomeBiogas (see here previously) has won a UN contract to supply refugee camps in several African counties with systems to convert organic waste into cooking gas and fertilizer. HomeBiogas will soon distribute around a dozen systems in Africa, increasing over time.

Eilat birding center wins UN recognition

The UN Conference of the Parties (COP15) on biological diversity chose the International Birding & Research Center in Eilat as one of the 19 (out of 258) most outstanding projects presented. Millions of birds migrate across Eilat – the only land-bridge connecting Eurasia and Africa.

Israeli UN event with 25 African ambassadors

Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan together with Innovation: Africa founder Sivan Ya’ari held a program to showcase Israel’s technology and boost ties between the Jewish state and Africa. It was attended by 25 ambassadors from Africa.

UK and Israel sign 10-year agreement

The UK and Israel signed a new memorandum of understanding to work more closely over the next decade on cyber, technology, trade, defense, and security. A new UK-Israel Bilateral Roadmap “will elevate the UK-Israel relationship to a strategic partnership” for the next 10 years.


Pre-IDF cybersecurity program for women

Israel’s Cyber Defense Directorate and IDF’s C4I have launched a 15-week pre-enlistment program for women that focuses on cybersecurity training that they can use during their IDF service and benefit from later when they enter the job force. Some 80 women are currently enrolled.

Hydrogen from water

scientists at Israel’s Technion Institute have developed another innovative process to efficiently produce hydrogen from water (see here previously). It is the fastest system of its kind reported so far that operates with available metal (copper) catalysts.

Clean water for everyone

Israel’s Alumor has developed a water-purification technology based on ultraviolet LED light. Miriam’s Well (named from the Bible) is solar-powered and can purify any type of surface water. It produces water at a low price, uses very little energy and can purify a liter of water every 10 minutes.

Water from the air in your car

US carmaker Ford is partnering with Israel’s Watergen (see here previously) to deliver a built-in drinking water generator in their adventure and recreational vehicles. Customers of the new Ford Ranger can install the Watergen Mobile Box, to produce up to 25 liters of drinking water a day.

Capturing CO2 by balloon

Israel’s High Hopes Labs is creating a fleet of balloons that can each capture a ton of CO2 from the atmosphere. Ten miles high, carbon dioxide freezes and becomes easier to remove. The wind blows it into a CO2 filter inside a pressurized storage vessel carried by the balloon.


Disinfecting coronavirus in seconds

Scientists at Israel’s Ariel University have shown that millimeter waves can be used as an effective tool to kill over 99% of viruses (including coronavirus) on different surfaces in just two seconds. This is much faster and safer than using UV radiation.

Better than Iron Dome

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has unveiled a new state-of-the-art defense system that uses electromagnetic beams to down targets. The “Scorpius” system is efficient in eliminating both ground and aerial threats by disrupting systems, such as radar, electronic sensors, navigation, and data communications.

Drone partnership to zap mosquitos

Israeli malaria-fighting startup ZzappMalaria (see here previously) has partnered Israeli autonomous drone solutions platform Airobotics (see here previously). Their $300,000 pilot project will locate stagnant water across sub-Saharan Africa where mosquitos are likely to congregate.

Another pilotless helicopter

Israel’s Steadicopter has unveiled a new unmanned helicopter (see here for others). The Black Eagle 50 Electric is marketed as the first electrically powered unmanned helicopter with a maximum takeoff weight of 50kg. It makes it ideally suitable for search and rescue and heavy cargos.

Meet Gary the robot

Israel’s Unlimited Robotics (see here previously) has unveiled Gary – named from the initials of the 3 children of CEO Guy Altagar – Gali, Rani and Yaeli. Gary is a robot that does household chores such as picking up toys or socks, watering plants and stripping bedsheets. He’ll be on the market next year.


Still A+

Fitch Ratings reaffirmed Israel’s A+ rating with a stable outlook. It said the improvement in Israel’s finances in 2021 has been “driven by the strong economic rebound, the gradual withdrawal of pandemic support measures, and particularly buoyant fiscal revenue from high-tech sectors.” It also praised Israel’s new budget.

Morocco buys Israeli anti-drone defense systems

Morocco has purchased Israel’s Skylock Dome anti-drone defense system to “preserve the country’s national and strategic stability”. Morocco acquired five systems, in a deal signed at the International Defense Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) in Abu Dhabi.

Mastercard opens Israeli innovation lab

Financial services giant Mastercard and Italy’s Enel X officially opened their “FinSec Innovation Lab” in Beersheba. It will work with Israeli cybersecurity startups, focusing on digital identity and authentication, platform security, fraud prevention and countering ransomware.

Smart trolleys heading for the US

Israel’s A2Z Smart Technologies (see here previously) is launching a pilot program for its Cust2mate smart shopping carts with Evergreen Kosher Market in New York and New Jersey. A2Z also launched a pilot with Morton Williams supermarkets in October.

Virtual shops are eco-friendly

Israel’s ByondXR (see here previously) is marketing itself as a sustainable alternative to physical stores. It generates no waste, no pollution from customers’ cars, no cleaning. Its pop-up stores now include Armani, L’Oréal, and Proctor & Gamble. It is active in 20 countries, using eight languages.



Significant exits:

Since the beginning of the year, some 86 Israeli tech companies have been bought at a total acquisition value of $9.5 million. This is in addition to the $40 billion invested in Israeli startups, 28 Unicorns and 20 more going public on Wall Street. Latest is Intel’s acquisition of Screenovate for $150 million.,7340,L-3921974,00.html

Takeovers by Israeli startups: Israel’s Minute Media has acquired Israel’s Wazimo Media for at least $60 million;

Investment in Israeli startups:

(November investments under $30 million)
Lumigo raised $29 millionSwimm raised $27.6 millionBit raised $25 millionFrontegg raised $25 millionAnyword raised $21 millionAI21 Labs raised $20 millionCymbio raised $20 millionDarrow raised $20 millionN-Drip raised $20 millionXtend raised $20 millionVelocity raised $17 millionVensica raised $16 millionAnchor raised $15 millionVesttoo raised $15 millionBlink Technologies raised $14 millionGigaSpaces raised $13.5 millionImagindairy raised $13 millionWhatslly raised $11 millionAutotalks raised $10 millionGeneyx Genomex raised $10 millionNeema raised $10 millionAgora raised $9 millionShield-IoT raised $7.4 millionNeuraLight raised $5.5 millionOxeye raised $5.3 millionLeO raised $5 millionZenity raised $5 raised $4 millionStaircase AI raised $4 millionSedric raised $3.5 millionNokku raised $3 millionSvix raised $2.6 millionSpectralics raised $2 million;


Bedouin ceramics culture

Israeli Arab Zenab Grabia creates ceramics embellished with traditional Bedouin embroidery motifs. Her gallery is a popular stop for tourist groups in Israel, and she also exhibits abroad.

On Center Stage

Future events and activities at Israel’s only dedicated English-speaking theatre in Ra’anana include Sorcerers’ Night (Dec 20), FUN Innovation (22 Dec), Whistle (23 Dec), SongTalk (29 Dec), Cabaret Reflections (30 Dec) and New Year’s Eve.

Almost bending credulity

Two thousand twisted pieces of cutlery adorn a 1976 Cadillac parked in the new Uri Geller Museum in Jaffa. Bending spoons was Uri Geller’s trademark. But exhibits also include unique gifts and memorabilia from celebrities, e.g., Houdini’s handcuffs, Muhammad Ali’s boxing gloves and much more.

Black Eyed Peas rocks Jerusalem

The Black Eyed Peas performed at Jerusalem’s Pais Arena on the 29th November, the first major international show in Israel since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. Group mastermind is a longtime friend of Israel and an investor in Israeli technology.

Miss Universe beautifies Jerusalem

At Jerusalem’s King David Hotel, 40 of the Miss Universe pageant contestants heard Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion say “The Talmud teaches us that God gave 10 measures of beauty to the world, and Jerusalem got nine of them. Well today, we have been blessed with the final one”.

Seeing the invisible

The Botanical Gardens in Jerusalem is currently featuring an Augmented Reality (AR) art exhibit. “Seeing the Invisible,” features 13 virtual works by established and emerging international artists. Visitors use a dedicated AR app, which superimposes images, text, and sounds onto green spaces in the garden.


Letting kids just be kids

Jeremy’s Circle is the first organization in Israel focusing on children and teenagers whose parents or siblings have cancer. It has created a “community of fun” with events (such as for Hanukkah) to entertain the children and allow them “just to be kids”.

Permits for Gaza’s Christians

Only 1,000 Christians remain in Gaza – mostly Greek Orthodox. Israel has granted them 500 permits to visit family members and Christian sites in Israel and Judea & Samaria during the holiday season. Israel is also increasing access to Jerusalem for Christians in Judea & Samaria.

Blessing Israel in song

Religious Jews in Israel can receive the priestly blessing Birkat Cohanim every day. Award-winning Christian and Jewish musicians from the US, Africa and Israel wanted to show solidarity with Israel and they united to produce a beautiful musical rendition of the blessing.



Four Mazeltovs for three generations

Ludmilla (85) and Boris (88) made Aliyah from Russia with their daughter and granddaughter in the 1990s. After studying Judaism at Giyur K’Halacha, all three women decided to convert on the same day, followed by Boris and Ludmila remarrying under a chuppah (wedding canopy).

The Battle of Lachish

Archeologists have uncovered more verification of the account by the Biblical Prophet Isaiah of the battle of Lachish (see here previously) where the Assyrian army under Sennacherib defeated the Judean forces some 2700 years ago. They found the quarry used by the Assyrians to build their siege ramp.

Sticks and stones will not break us

An archeological discovery announced on the first day of Chanukah was a lead slingshot stone found at Tel Zif in Judea. It was inscribed in Greek with the name of Diodotus Tryphon, who reigned over the Seleucid Empire between 142 and 138 BC and fought against the Hasmoneans.