Good News Israel presents electronic lenses that help you see straight, a safe robotic syringe and much more.

By Michael Ordman



Electronic lenses that help you see straight

Israeli start-up DeepOptics has developed electronic multifocal lenses. Using sensors, they detect what the eye is focusing on as well as the viewing distance – adjusting the power of your spectacles to ensure that whatever is being looked at comes into focus, whether near or far.

Safe robotic syringe

The robotic dispensing system from Israel’s RescueDose makes the preparation and administration of liquid medication safer by adding accurate doses automatically and minimizing human contact. RescueDose is already used to dispense radiation treatments for cancer patients.

Sound analysis of sleep disorder

The term “sound asleep” is very appropriate to the discovery by Ben Gurion University researchers of a simple, cheap way to evaluate sleep disorders. Using their innovative breath sound analysis (BSA) algorithm, patients with sleep quality, snoring and sleep apnea problems can be analyzed easily.

UK and Israel to tackle dementia

A delegation of senior British scientists and companies is in Israel, to work with Israel on dementia. They are following up on December’s joint meeting of the British Neuroscience Association and the Israel Society for Neuroscience in Eilat.

Link between weaning and diabetes

Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have discovered that the pancreatic cells of some young mice fail to produce insulin in response to glucose during the transition from mother’s milk to calcium-enriched food. It may explain why some children develop Type 1 diabetes.

Israel has the brains to solve brain problems

Great praise from US congressman Chaka Fattah – the man in charge of appropriating federal money for science and medical research and development programs. Fattah, was a keynote speaker at BrainTech 2015 event in Tel Aviv. Per capita, Israel leads the world in neuroscience.


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