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wastewater treatment

Israel’s Aqwise has opened its new wastewater treatment plant in Durango, Mexico, and Israeli dynamic multi-focal glasses startup Deep Optics has raised $4 million to fuel the development of its adaptive electronic liquid crystal lens technology, and much more.

By: Michael Ordman


Treating wastewater in Mexico

Israel’s Aqwise has opened its new wastewater treatment plant in Durango, Mexico. It employs Aqwise’s AGAR (Attached Growth Airlift Reactor) process that uses biofilm grown on carrier media to aerobically degrade soluble organic pollutants in wastewater. Aqwise has built over 400 plants in 35 countries.


Revolutionizing multi-focal lenses

Israeli dynamic multi-focal glasses startup Deep Optics has raised $4 million to fuel the development of its adaptive electronic liquid crystal lens technology. Deep Optics is now exploring AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) applications.

Super-charged plant nutrition

Israel’s Haifa Group has launched its Haifa Turbo-K™ product, a chloride free fertilizer based on potassium nitrate. It also contains Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Sulfur, Iron and Zinc. Agronomists who tested it, together with growers who already used it are most impressed.

Artificial intelligent cybersecurity

Israel’s Deep Instinct has filed five patents covering the only technology that applies deep learning to cybersecurity. Deep Instinct is the first company applying deep learning to detect malware in real-time. It can therefore detect threats that no-one has seen before.

Israel’s water management success

Another report about Israel’s leadership position in water conservation. Innovations include desalination, recycling, drip irrigation, reclaimed wastewater, aquifer management, runoff collection, water storage, hi-tech systems, reservoir development and river rehabilitation.

Stopping “Locky”

Many companies and individuals have been forced to pay blackmailers who have used a computer “ransomware” program called “Locky” to encrypt their data files. Israel’s Ironscales successfully blocked an attack on one of Israel’s largest defense companies before an infection could take place.


Don’t let your boss know you’re job-hunting

Israeli startup Workey has launched its system for employees to seek new jobs anonymously. Workey was founded by IDF intelligence veterans whose algorithms analyze your skills and experience. You decide whether to approach suitable interested companies.

Spectral analysis with a smartphone

Israeli startup Unispectral (see Mar 2015 newsletter) is developing miniature digital cameras that can fit into smartphones and use hyper-spectral sensors that can (for example) check if fruit is fresh or whether milk contains bacteria. Unispectral has just raised $7.5 million of funding.

Innovation meets Robotics

Israeli ingenuity and know how in the field of robotics was on display at ICR2016 – the Fifth Israeli Conference on Robots in Herzliya. It featured over 120 presentations by top robotics experts.


More power to the mobile network

Israel’s Vasona Networks provides mobile network analysis tools to the top mobile network operators – such as Telefonica. Vasona’s SmartAIR edge application controller resolves cell phone congestion in real time. Vasona has just raised $14.6 million of new funds.

Waterless car wash

With the new app from Israeli startup Bonshine you can order a waterless car cleaning at your location. Bonshine’s crew comes to you, with a liquid produced from plants and five types of wax. Saves time, money and the environment.



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