Israel’s NUA Robotics has designed luggage that travels hands-free on flat surfaces, and hundreds of overseas delegations, companies, and investors will attend Cybertech in Tel Aviv on Jan 26-27.

By: Michael Ordman



A suitcase that follows you around

Israel’s NUA Robotics has designed luggage that travels hands-free on flat surfaces. It has a camera sensor to detect where you are and Bluetooth connection to your smartphone and an alarm to deter against theft.

The world’s second-largest cyber event

Hundreds of overseas delegations, companies, and investors will attend Cybertech in Tel Aviv on Jan 26-27. Cybertech is the world’s second largest cybersecurity event. It includes an exhibition with 250 companies, 100 of which are Israeli startups.

Agritech on Gaza border

Despite its location close to Gaza, Israel’s Phytech is to receive funds from major firms interested in its crop sensor technology. Phytech’s PlantBeat is used in the biggest farms in the US, Brazil and Australia, plus 60% of tomato farmers and 40% of cotton growers in Israel.

3D imaging at your fingertips

The 3D sensors from Israeli startup Vayyar can see through skin and tissue to detect cancer, through walls to detect structural foundations, and can track a person’s location and vital signs as they move through a Smart Home. Vayyar has just raised $22 million to launch globally.

Protecting UK kids from unsafe WiFi

Israeli cybersecurity specialist Cyren has been accredited as a “Friendly WiFi” approved provider by the UK Council for Child Internet Safety. CYREN’s cyber security solutions protect thousands of public WiFi installations in the UK.

A more relevant comment

Most of the comments you see about Internet articles are tucked away at the bottom of the article, where no-one is looking. Israeli startup Fidback, however, allows you to make comments directly next to the text that you are referring to, so you can get into a really good on-line conversation.

Leak detection could save your home

Israel’s Aqua-Rimat is running a pilot of its Flowless water leak detection system in 500 Israeli homes. The system is one of the Internet of Things (IoT), allowing you to remotely turn off the water to your property.

Get the right price for your product

Israel’s Feedvisor allows on-line suppliers to quickly change prices for their products in response to changing market conditions. Feedvisor analyzes hundreds of thousands of data points in real-time to determine the precise point at which customers will make a buying purchase.

Fast broadband for the UK

Israel’s Gilat Satellite Networks is supplying its HTS VSAT Networks to Broadband satellite operator Avanti Communications to provide the fastest available broadband Internet access to rural households throughout the United Kingdom.

Vegan baby milk at Food Tech Nation

If you are interested in the progress of INDI – the Israeli non-dairy, no soy infant milk it was one of the stars at Tel Aviv’s Food Tech Nation 2015. Stage 3 formula milk should hopefully be available commercially by the end of this year.


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