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Charles River Boston

Israeli-founded water purification company Desalitech has teamed up with Boston-based Harpoon Brewery to channel the once-famously polluted Charles River into a new beer, and the largest desalination facility in North America, designed by an Israeli company, is set to open shortly.

By: Michael Ordman



Turning polluted water into beer

Israeli-founded water purification company Desalitech has teamed up with Boston-based Harpoon Brewery to channel the once-famously polluted Charles River into a new beer. Desalitech is using its patented technology to provide water for Harpoon’s Charles River Pale Ale.

The largest desalination facility in North America

In a few weeks, San Diego will open the Carlsbad desalination plant, piping around 50 million gallons of water a day to households across the San Diego area. It was designed by Israel’s IDE and one of 400 desalination facilities it has designed in 40 countries.

A bigger force in the cloud

Israel’s Silicom has bought US-based ADI Engineering for $10 million. ADI’s high-performance Intel equipment will allow Silicom to expand its products for providers of cloud (over the Internet) and network services.

Rapid Internet performance

Israel’s Teridion makes Internet access up to 20 times faster, for users of its advanced Global Cloud Network. Teridion has just raised $20 million to expand in the US and internationally.

Avoid the queue

Israeli startup Tapingo has launched a free app that allows students to order food from their favorite places via their smartphones, so that when they arrive they can just pick it up from the counter without having to wait in line.


An app to help you dress right

The Israeli app “Take A Look” allows you to send a “selfie” for the attention of top Israeli fashion designers Liat Ashuri, Doreen Attias, and Gadi Elimelech. For a $25 fee, one of the three will critique your outfit. They say that they can even give real-time advice whilst still in the store!

Israeli lunar team secures launch

Israel’s SpaceIL is a stage nearer its goal of becoming the first privately funded mission to the Moon and winning the $20 million Google Lunar XPRIZE. SpaceIL has booked a place on a SpaceX rocket due for launch in the second half of 2017. 16 teams remain from the original 34.




Ford hackathon for Israeli developers

US car manufacturer Ford is holding its own hackathon, the Ford AppLink Challenge, for Israel’s tech community to develop new technologies for Ford Sync Systems in the company’s new models. Winners get cash or a new Ford Fiesta. Toyota and Hyundai ran similar recent events. Ford is also to install Israel’s HearMeOut in its vehicles. HearMeOut posts audio clips on social networks.


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