Good News Israel presents the next generation digital pen; smart homes for the elderly and much more.

By: Michael Ordman



The next generation digital pen

Israel’s OTM Technologies has developed the Phree – a digital pen that lets you write or draw on any surface and see the image on the screen on your smartphone. It uses 3D motion-tracking lasers and doubles as a Bluetooth headset. It has smashed its kickstarter funding goal.

3D printed food

I reported about the food printer from Israel’s White Innovations in my 30 Mar 2014 newsletter. One year later, the Genie has received thousands of orders and is about one year from delivery.

How Intel became Israel’s best friend

Newly found photographs show the history of Intel Israel – one of Israel’s most important business relationships. Intel opened its Israeli office in 1974 – two years after Israeli Dov Frohman invented the EPROM erasable read-only memory chip. Intel now employs 10,000 Israelis.

Smart homes for the elderly

Samsung and Israeli startup Mybitat together are to develop an innovative smart home solution aimed at helping the elderly stay safe while at home. It combines cloud-based software, advanced sensors and behavior analytics to monitor seniors’ daily routine and wellness.,7340,L-4651948,00.html

Israeli battery swapping for Chinese buses

Although battery swapping failed for Better Place’s Israeli electric cars, the technology has found favor for buses running in Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province in Eastern China. Israel’s Ziv Av Engineering (ZAE) will design and supply the battery switching stations.

UK election results brought to you by Israel

If you watched the results of the UK elections on Sky News, then you will have seen the technology of Israel’s LiveU that Sky used to cover 150 key constituencies.

Checking every fruit is perfect

Most exporters perform random checks on their produce. Israeli fruit exporter Eshet Eilon inspects every piece of fruit for quality and ripeness. It uses spectral imaging at a rate of five tons an hour and rejects anything that contains disease or fungus.

Israeli apps are already ticking on new Apple watch

Glide, JoyTunes, 24me, TL;DR and Vonage among the made-in-Israel applications already available on Apple’s new wearable.

Microsoft’s (Israeli) Surface Pen in action

Please watch three creative individuals increase their productivity using the digital pen that Microsoft acquired when it bought out Israel’s N-Trig.

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