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As you might know, there are many governments that use their taxpayer’s money to fund Israeli non-profit organizations that pressure the Israeli government to change its policies. These non-profit organizations raise the flag of human rights, yet their true agenda is about ridding Israel of its Jewish identity, deligitimizing the State of Israel and turning it into a state that the Arabs can take over.

A very important organization called NGO Monitor does constant research on foreign funding of non-governmental organizations and thanks to their efforts the Dutch government has recently decided to drastically cut the government funding it doles out to these anti-Israel non-profit organizations.

NGO Monitor documented the scale of Dutch government support for anti-Israel organizations in a new report titled “Indirect Dutch Government Funding: ICCO and Cordaid Support for Radical NGOs.” The study shows that the Dutch government grants hundreds of millions of euros each year to major Dutch aid organizations such as ICCO and Cordaid, and that these groups then transfer the funds to support some of the most radical NGOs active in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

One recipient of Dutch funds has been the Dutch NGO “Stop de Bezeting” (Stop the Occupation). The group’s founder, the anti-Israel activist Greta Duisenberg, is famous for her participation in demonstrations calling for Jews to be gassed. She has also accused the Israelis of blood libel and trafficking in human organs.

United with Israel wants to thank NGO Monitor for all its tireless work on this issue and we look forward to sharing with you additional good news when we find out about other countries that also cut their funding to these very dangerous organizations to the State of Israel.

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