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‘Our message to those who harm us and those who want to harm us, is that whether it takes a day, a week or a month – you can be certain that we will settle accounts with you,’ says PM Netanyahu.

By Gil Tanenbaum, TPS, and United with Israel staff

Two Hamas terrorists who murdered Leah Dee and her two daughters Maya and Rena were killed Thursday morning in the Kasbah in Nablus (Shechem) during a joint operation conducted by the Shin Bet, the Border Police, the IDF, and Police Special Forces. The two were identified as Hassan Katnani and Ma’ad Masri.

In addition, Ebrahim Hora, who was described as a senior aide to the two terrorists, was also killed and two M16 rifles and a Kalashnikov were found in the apartment.

Rabbi Leo Dee said that he and his family were comforted to hear that the terrorists who murdered his wife and two of his children in the Jordan Valley shooting attack over Passover were killed during the operation.

“The kids and I were comforted to hear that the Israeli security forces have eliminated the Iranian-funded terrorists responsible for Lucy (Leah), Maya, and Rena’s murders,” Leo Dee told TPS. “This was done in a way that did not endanger the lives of Israeli soldiers, nor innocent Palestinian civilians – in a way that only the Israeli army knows how to do.”

Dee also said he had asked that his family be given the opportunity to speak with the terrorists’ families. He said they wanted to ask the terrorists’ relatives, “what good they thought would come out of their [the terrorists] actions and to hear their vision for a better world.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also commented on Thursday morning’s elimination of the two terrorists.

“This morning, we settled accounts with the murderers of Lucy, Maya and Rina Dee, may their memories be blessed,” he said.

“Our message to those who harm us,” added Netanyahu, “and those who want to harm us, is that whether it takes a day, a week or a month – you can be certain that we will settle accounts with you. It does not matter where you try to hide – we will find you. Whoever attacks us will pay the price.”

Netanyahu thanked the security agencies and Israel’s “brave soldiers who worked night and day to settle accounts with the murderers.”

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