A search conducted in a Hebron home turned up 2000 bullets, parts for M16 rifles, drugs – and a poached fawn.

Israeli security forces regularly conduct home searches in certain villages known to be a source of terrorism, as they look for terrorists and contraband such as weapons, bombs and drugs.

Often, these investigations lead directly to the capture of members of terrorist organizations.

Hebron has been a hotbed of violence and terrorist activity and therefore has been the focus of several home searches. In fact, security forces announced on Sunday that they had arrested three terrorists connected with ISIS back in November, all residents of Hebron.

These searches save untold numbers of lives. On Friday, a search conducted in a home in Hebron turned up 2000 bullets for M16 rifles as well as a wide variety of parts for M16 rifles, and drugs. They also found something they had never expected.

According to Chief Inspector Yaniv Ohana, while searching the home, officers heard noises coming from a shed. They went to investigate the odd sounds and came across a barrel containing a fawn.

Poached Fawn is Rescued

Fawns, or baby deer, are protected wildlife in Israel, and the possession of such is considered “poaching,” which is the illegal hunting, killing or capturing of wildlife.

Upon its discovery, the officers immediately contacted the veterinary department at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo.  Zoo personnel took possession of the fawn and transported it back to the zoo, where it could receive vaccinations and proper care.

According to the Chief Inspector, the family had intended on slaughtering the fawn and eating it.

This is not the first time such an unexpected discovery has been made. Every so often another report is made of deer or other protected wildlife being found and rescued and then eventually released back into the wild.

The Israel Nature and Parks Authority claims that wildlife in the Palestinian Authority-administered territories of Judea and Samaria has become decimated due to “uncontrolled hunting and a lack of environmental education.”

By Penina Taylor, United with Israel

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