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Hezbollah is using advanced radar technology to “lock on” to Israeli aircraft flying reconnaissance missions over Lebanon.

The new technology enables Hezbollah to identify Israeli jets and fire missiles at them, Israeli security sources said, according to Israel’s Walla news service and reported by i24 News.

“The connection between Hezbollah, Russia and Syria have greatly changed the rules of the game in the region…Hezbollah is indicating to Israel that it is ready for the next stage,” said an Israeli security official, quoted in Walla.

Israeli fighter jets are capable of detecting radar that threatens them, allowing pilots to alter their course. Nevertheless, the reports signal a troubling development that could hinder Israel’s freedom of movement in airspace across the northern border and its ability to effectively monitor Hezbollah.

Following the 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah, the terrorist organization began acquiring sophisticated anti-aircraft systems and other advanced weapons from Syria and Iran. A recent report suggests that Hezbollah is using Iranian anti-tank missiles in Syria that could be used against Israel in a future confrontation.

In light of these developments, Israel has allegedly targeted Hezbollah weapons convoys on several occasions coming into Lebanon from Syria over the past few years. Nevertheless, the terrorist organization continues to build up its weapons arsenal and consolidate a base of operations on the Syrian Golan in order to attack the Jewish state.

Last month, Hezbollah field commanders with operatives fighting in Syria told the Daily Beast that Russia is providing the terrorist organization with advanced weaponry amid enhanced coordination among both actors. He stated that Hezbollah is acquiring long-range tactical missiles, anti-tank systems, and laser guided rockets from the Russians.

Steven Emerson is the Executive Director the Investigative Project on Terrorism ( where this article first appeared.

By: The Algemeiner

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