Mohamed Elibiary, a top aide to President Obama, resigned this week following his offensives tweets which essentially support radical Islam and even terror.

United States Homeland Security Department adviser Mohamed Elibiary, who is no stranger to controversy, resigned following tweets about the “inevitable” return of the Caliphate and “misreading” of 9/11, Israel Hayom reports.

Elibiary, a member of American President Barack Obama’s Homeland Security Advisory Council, stepped down from his position on September 3 after receiving backlash over a controversial comment that he posted on Twitter in June. Responding to a question about the Islamic State (IS) terror organization, Elibiary wrote, “As I’ve said b4 inevitable that ‘Caliphate’ returns.”

After the June tweet, Elibiary was asked if he supported the “inevitable Caliphate,” and he responded by saying that the U.S. is moving towards engaging with radical Islamic groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood, the Washington Free Beacon reports.

The tweet was one of a string of posts deemed inappropriate for a senior government advisor, including one where he said he considered the U.S. to be an “Islamic country” and another where he suggested that those in the national security “uber hawks camp misread 9/11.”

To date, the U.S. government has not provided any details on Elibiary’s resignation, and it is unknown if it is directly related to the controversial Twitter posts.

A History of Problematic Statements

Elibiary has a history of controversial posts and statements. He used the controversial “R4BIA” four-finger salute symbol associated with the Muslim Brotherhood as decor on his Twitter profile, a choice that elicited criticism on the social media site and from at least one Israeli blog, The Blaze reports.

One website described the essence of the R4BIA icon as symbolizing more than the Muslim Brotherhood, but also promoting the “return of Muslims to world stage.” It supports “justice for everyone against rotten Western values,” “a pure martyrdom,” “unification of Islamic World,” “the end of capitalists,” and “the end of Zionists.” “R4BIA is a smiling martyrdom,” says the site.

The call for an “end” to Zionists angered the Israellycool website’s Brian of London, who writes, “Remember that hand signal for the new global Islamist revolution to take over the world and put an end to all Zionists? Not an end to Zionism, an end to the actual Zionists. That would be me and my friends and family here in Israel.”

Elibiary has also used Twitter to praise late Muslim Brotherhood ideologue Sayyid Qutb, whose ideas had served as the basis for the modern Jihadist movement, and especially his call for violent Jihad and for the purification of Islam from the forces of non-believers.

Elibiary further enraged the Coptic community with a series of offensive tweets and drew criticism for describing America as an “Islamic country” with an “Islamically compliant constitution.”

He was in the news three years ago after being accused of leaking confidential documents from the Texas Department of Public Safety to the media in an alleged effort to show the socalled “Islamophobia” of agencies operating under Texas Governor Rick Perry.

Author: Aryeh Savir
Staff Writer, United with Israel

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