(Kobi Richter/TPS) (Kobi Richter/TPS)
Israel Border policeman

Police also caught 74 people suspected of transporting them and/or providing them with employment illegally.


Israel continues to deal with the problem posed by residents of the Palestinian Authority (PA) who live in Israel illegally – even if only temporarily – for the purpose of work.

Israel’s Police reported that Border Police officers caught 232 such illegals, as well as 74 people suspected of transporting them and/or providing them with employment illegally.

At the end of last week, Border Police officers carried out an activity in all sectors around Judea and Samaria and the areas near them to prevent, the police said, the infiltration of such illegal residents into the territories of Israel and other offenses related them.

These individuals, and the networks that aid them, are a direct threat to the safety of Israeli civilians as any one of the illegals could be, himself, a terrorist plotting attack.

Some also work recruiting new members to terrorist organizations and/or prepare the groundwork for future terror attacks.

The Commander of the Border Police, Superintendent Amir Cohen, instructed to police to continue what he called the “determined activity” to prevent the infiltration of illegals into Israel while investigating and stopping those who engage in the crimes of employing them, smuggling them across the border and/or providing them with transportation.

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