Respect! The results are not surprising, and yet they fill any Israel supporter with pride. The IDF is the best in the Middle East.

Jane’s Information Group, a British publishing company specializing in military, aerospace and transportation topics, published its yearly rankings of the world militaries, and the results regarding the Middle East are not surprising. The Israel Defense Forces was ranked is the mightiest military power in the region.

Based on rankings, which included a holistic assessment of the militaries’ operational capabilities and hardware, and analysis by Jane’s experts, the ranking is as follows:

1. Israel – with a $15 billion defense budget, 176,500 active frontline personnel, 870 tanks, 680 aircraft, Israel has space assets, advanced fighter jets, high-tech armed drones, and reportedly, nuclear weapons. Its air force has incredibly high entry and training standards. Thanks to Israel’s small size, the military can rapidly mobilize its reserves on relatively short notice.

2. Turkey – with a $18.1 billion defense budget, 410,500 active frontline personnel, 3,657 tanks, 989 aircraft, Turkey is working hard to modernize its army.

3. Saudi Arabia – with a $56.7 billion defense budget, 233,500 active frontline personnel, 1,095 tanks, 652 aircraft, Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the Middle East and also has the fourth-highest military spending of any country in the world.

4. United Arab Emirates – with a $14.4 billion defense budget, 65,000 active frontline personnel, 545 tanks, 444 aircraft, the UAE is the Middle East’s rising military power.

5. Iran – with a $6.3 billion defense budget, 545,000 active frontline personnel, 2,409 tanks, 481 aircraft, Iran has its own domestic military industry under the guidance of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps.

Of the four other countries on the list, Iran poses the greatest threat to Israel, and the world at large.

For the full ranking, click here.

Given the stats, it is apparent whose side God is on! Tell us your thoughts (in comments box below)

The Israeli made Merkava tank in action. (Photo: IDF)

The Israeli made Merkava tank in action. (Photo: IDF)

Author: United with Israel Staff
(With files from Businessinsider)

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